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Employee Relation

Toward the goals of “Enterprise of Happiness”, we offer our employee variety of activities e.g. group sports, cycling clubs. For issue on working or family, we offer consulting program to help solve possible issues, challenges at work. Area includes spiritual, law, financial, medical, and medical consulting. The Employee Welfare committee is formed to host corporate wide activities e.g. year-end party, hiking, to improve employee relationship.

HR Policies, Employment Legislation, and Employee Communication

Human Rights Legislation

The Ability HR policy is based on EICC*, and we insist all Ability Employee be treated fair and equal with respect. We formulated corporate social responsibility policy and employee rights protection regulations. Ability Enterprise offer an equally faired working opportunity, and protect basic human rights; in addition, to advocate the rule of gender equality and prevention of sexual harassment, to create gender equality working environment. By following the Labor Law of Taiwan, China government, e.g. not use child labor as defined by local law.

* EICC = Electronic Industry Code of Conduct. The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) establishes standards to ensure that working conditions in the electronics industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are environmentally responsible.

Employee Communication

We encourage our employee to express for different opinions, suggestions, through different communication channels provided by Ability e.g. organization emails, etc.; Company than to improve corporate culture and working atmosphere. To prevent unfair treatment, company published “Grievance Appeal Process” for employee to protect own rights. Ability provide E-Portal platform to deliver e.g. corporate announcements, and encourage employee to free discuss issue/opinions toward corporate coherence measure.

Result Oriented Employee Promotion

Purpose of performance appraisal is to improve personal and organization performance, and improve mutual communications. The manager and employee set rules of the process, to review past work achievement, future goal setting, and review personal goals. This process is for promotion reference, salary, employee benefit, and employee development reference.

Employee Safety and Health

Ability compliant with OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard from year 2008, also set rules for work safety, healthy working environment, accident prevention, emergency procedure, disease prevention, and nature disaster management systems.

Safe Working Environment

Based on actual work requirement, we provide comfort and safe working environments. Set of safety guidelines e.g. protection equipment in hazard area is reduced to meet safety standard. We compliant with safety standards for environment test e.g. CO2 density, lighting condition, noise, special chemical density, etc.

Employee Health Care

Ability offers employee annual health check for self-health management. Also to prevent natural disaster, based on Labor Safety and Health Law, we regularly identify possible risk on working environment, and advise employee to follow safety and health standard operation.