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About Ability - Sustainability

Environment Protection Green Design

Environment Protection

Ability environment protection system compliant with law and government regulations, and we set out goal toward “zero pollution, zero hazard”.

Climate change

Ability's strategies for responding to climate change are to:
  • Focus of international development trends in the issue of greenhouse gas
  • Consider green manufacturing、green product and Green supply chain
  • Inventory for greenhouse Gas and carbon footprint

Resources & Energy

Our company uses water, electricity, gas and so on. Electricity is the most important energy in Ability and used for air-conditioning, lighting and mechanical power, etc. Accordingly, our company commits to the implementation of energy saving projects for management and technical levels, in order to reduce the consumption of energy and resources to achieve the mission of environmental protection.

Air Pollution Detection

Our manufacturing activities are mainly assembly processes. Fumes, vapors, and organic solvents are the main emissions generated from our manufacturing processes. Therefore, the potential risk is relatively low. However, we still monitor possible pollutants regularly.

Water Resources

Our manufacturing process does not consume a lot of water. Because domestic water is the majority, we encourage employees to save water and set up water saving devices. For example:

  • Installing water saving devices on faucets.
  • Setting water recycling system for toilet and wall washing.
  • Raising air conditioning temperature to reduce the water consumption for cooling.
  • Increasing reclaimed water system and rainwater recycling efficiency to improve water reuse ratio.

Wastewater and Wastes

Our manufacturing process only uses a small amount of water, the majority is domestic wastewater.The sources of our industrial waste are mainly research and development test materials, scraps, packaging materials and commodity wastes. By strict classification and management mechanisms we can reduce the potential impact on the environment.

Green Design

Hazardous Substance Free Program

In order to produce more environmental friendly products, our company clearly defines division of works and responsibilities, develops green management and hazardous substances free technical standards and builds IT platform to collect hazardous substance free data from suppliers. We also announce the requirements and standards in Green Supplier Management (GSM) platform and hold internal and external trainings for these requirements.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Ability believes reducing GHG emissions is a key method for mitigating global warming and climate change, and conducting an inventory provides supporting data for reduction. An accurate inventory allows us to set priorities and reduction goals, raise the efficiency of the reduction process, and confirm reduction results. Therefore, we believe it is better to inventory greenhouse gases as early as possible.

Green Supply Chain

To ensure our suppliers meet the requirements of Ability, we regularly hold supplier seminars to announce Ability’s policies, hazardous substance free (HSF) requirements and supplier management policy.

We build GSM (Green Supplier Management) platform. Its purposes include:
  • Announce Green Souring Policy and update the latest news.
  • Approve components (Suppliers should upload documents include Certificate of Non-Use Hazardous Substances, composition tables or MSDS and third-party test reports).

Statement of Conflict Minerals

We will take due diligence within our supply chain to assure the metals sources of tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) and gold (Au) are not derived from mining in conflict region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We will also invite our supply chain together to investigate metal sources of products and do our best to avoid using conflict minerals, and endeavor to fulfill responsibilities of a corporate citizen.