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Investor Relations - Financial Highlight

Financial General Situation

Ability has committed in product transformation from DSC OEM/ODM manufacturer to Image Application Manufacturer and solution provider. In 2019, to face the US-China Trade War, Ability has established the production factory at Wugu, Taiwan but merged the manufacturer bases in China to be one at Dongguang. The image application on the field of automobile and AIoT commercial image production due to the new era of 5G is the trend in the coming future for which Ability has been spending resource to develop the merge of optical module and image system solution.

The Company's product planning and R&D will focus not only on the development of high quality image performance, high ratio zoom, speedy image process, technology of electronic anti-vibration, image quality of 8K, but also the technique of video camera modules with the application on 360-degree surround-view camera, VR, AR and AIOT to meet the complicated requirements from various social groups in different market. The Company has invested R&D resources on the development of image-taking module, software, APP, image arithmetic and hardware structure with concrete results.

We will go to the advantage of vertical integration by cooperating with the supply chain and merging the artificial intelligence technology. For the development of image-taking module, thinner and high rank specification are our major focus. As to the application of module, security, automobile, machine vision and solution of image process module will be sharing the most of our resources and investment. Meanwhile, to step up the platform and build more AI algorithms and enhance the audio specification and verification system for the trend of Video Conference will be one of our method to widen the product range.

The sudden rise of COVID-19 has reduced global demand and supply, the overall global economy is facing unprecedented turbulence. Various countries have taken to lower interest rates, providing a variety of relief programs to stimulate economic policy, to prevent the pressure of deflation. The consumption patterns variation drives the economy to uncertainty. The electronics market is also in a very severe challenge. The enterprises must have considerable competitiveness and the ability to face the environmental challenges with innovation. Ability will continue to transform our business, optimize our operations, improve our capital structure, and cash flow, and actively adjust our overall cost structure. Sincerely wish to maintain our shareholders' equity and share our operating performance with our shareholders, customers, and employees.

Apr Sales Revenue Chart (Currency: NT$ 258,395,000)

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