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Investor Relations - Financial Highlight

Financial General Situation

Recently, the booming development of smart phone and various personal mobile devices drives the drastically speedy growth of image industry in diversified application. It satisfies the amusement of visual image application of audio and video in everybody’s daily life, from which derivative business chances are created, such as image taken and then be shared in social media, transformation of real scene to virtual reality, flat image upgraded to three dimension image, and upload video to live broadcasting. The application trend indicates Optical science is not limited in image taken; it already creates the value, analysis and application of image data. Ability has been continually developing the optical images technique with our research sources and resulted in the products of digital camera, sports cam, 360 degree cam, supervision cam, wearing cam.

In 2017, our consolidated revenue is of NT$11,201,600,000 which is 1.78% growth in comparing with 2016 revenue. Profit after tax is NT$217,663,000 with EPS 0.77 per common share.

In order to earn profit for shareholders and employees, Ability aggressively optimizes our management & cost structure and transform business field. Accordingly, with the strong support of our integration on optical, mechanical & electronic technique and our image resolution technique, Ability continuously expand the product application, build the competitive component supply chain, diversify product range, enforce our core value, and create new business models.

Jan Sales Revenue Chart (Currency: NT$ 237,097,000)

Historical Dividend