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Investor Relations - Letter to Shareholders

In 2017, Ability has launched the new products of 360-degree cameras and surveillance camera series, for which both are the core development of our digital imaging products. With those new products, Ability has not only been winning new clients, but also has been expanding the fields of cooperation with current clients. However, the demand for digital camera continuously declines and it results in the deferred delivery for major brands. Therefore our operation revenue and profitability are relatively reduced. The consolidated operating revenue of 2018 was NT$7,635,028,000, approximately 30% less in comparison with the revenue of 2017. The operating loss was NT$739,861,000, and the net loss after tax attributed to the parent company was NT$463,048,000 being equivalent to NT$1.63 per share.

Look into the future! The global economy is uncertain. The consuming electronic products will face severe challenge. Only with competitive and creative capability, one enterprise can run the business in sustainable development. Ability keeps devoting sources in adjusting business development, optimizing management and improving the capital structure and cash flow. Meanwhile, the grand cost structure of product is aggressively reviewed and re-organized. We shall do our best to raise the shareholder equity and share our management performance with shareholders, clients and employers.

Research and Development:

To against the fast improving and innovative mobile devices, our main theme of product development and research will be focused on the position of high resolution image quality, high ratio optical zoom, upgrade of video image quality, image processing speed, electric vibration reduction technology, and 8K high resolution image. To satisfy various demand from different social groups, we expand the features of 360 degree surrounding camera in connecting with applications of VR, AR, AIOT, and …etc.. Lots of resources are contributing in developing the improvement of image algorithm and hardware structure scheme. And, by return, our achievement on image taking module, software, APP and ToF is solid.

For the advantage of vertical integration in optical lens development, we properly adopt the AI technology to assist our supply chain. The video-image-taking module is now thinner and high rank. And, its application shall be driven to the usage in the total solution system in various industries which demand our optical video-image-taking module.

Deeply appreciate the strong and sincere support from all the shareholders. Wish you healthy and dream come true.

Chairman of the Board:
Tseng, Ming Jen

Tseng, Ming Jen

Accounting Manager:
Lin, Hung Tien